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We help Real Estate Industry Professionals with professionally trained, ACCENT FREE ISA’s & Cold Callers. We are a U.S Based Company! All are trained with up to date industry trends, tactics and strategies.


J Lopez Enterprises is a comprehensive digital marketing and virtual assistant provider. We have honed our expertise in empowering real estate professionals and other businesses to enhance their online presence. Our primary focus is to deliver a holistic range of services, including Inside Sales Agents, Virtual assistants, Marketing, and Lead Generation Services. We aspire to establish a strategic alliance that extends far beyond conventional digital services, to be your trusted and indispensable partner to grow your business.

Buy back your Time.
Delegate and Innovate.
Experience Growth


Cold Calling

With our cold calling service, you can unlock new doors of opportunity and maximize your sales potential in any industries competitive market.

FSBO/EXPIRED/Circle Prospecting:

Leave the hard part to us! We will set you up with more listing opportunities! We open the door, you close it!

CRM Management:

Have a database with leads you haven't called? Let us handle calling, qualifying, setting appointments and the follow up!

Social Media Management:

We handle your social media so you can focus on being a CEO! 3 & 5 day per week options. Graphics & Simple Video Edits included.

Virtual Assistant Hiring:

We only hire highly vetted and professionally trained Cold Calling ISA Agents!

We only provide YOU with 1 professionally trained ISA! Get to know your ISA! No turnover! We have career focused professionals that are Masters Degree prepared working for us! They have benefits and love what they do!

Our Cold Calling ISA agents fluent English to allow for more appointment opportunities.

Highly skilled ISA/Cold Callers go through extensive Real Estate Training, and quality control processes.

Every client, receives their own personal ISA agent. Our ISA agents provide consistent and reliable support. 

We have the PROVEN RESULTS that increase lead conversion, efficiency and drive sales.


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